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Vantsov Sergey Vasil'evich, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of avionic technology, Moscow Aviation Institute (125993, 4 Volokolamskoe highway, Moscow, Russia),
Medvedev Arkadiy Maksimovich, doctor of technical sciences, professor, sub-department of avionic technology, President of Guild of Professional Electronics Technologist, Moscow Aviation Institute (125993, 4 Volokolamskoe highway, Moscow, Russia),

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In the manufacture of electronic equipment responsible assignments, such as avionics, weapons, naval electronics is very important to ensure reliability in the first stage of production-control input parts and materials. Proposed strategy for control input depending on the level of the defect of the incoming shipments given the imminent availability of functional control and adjustment of finished products in the final stages of production. In addition, with regard to the mass production of electronics examines the cost characteristics of a continuous, selective and uncontrolled input control of materials and accessories coming into production in relation to the costs of eliminating the consequences of hitting defective components and materials into a finished product.

Key words

avionics, reliability, electronic components, electronics manufacturing, incoming inspection.

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